As a Freight Broker, our experience in the logistics industry allows us to provide you with the right transportation services at competitive rates. Our efficiency relies on understanding your needs, our knowledge of the industry, our fast-track process and our excellence in customer service.

Whether you need an FTL, LTL, Intermodal, Sea or Air, through our extensive network of reliable carriers, we will find the appropriate service required for your cargo. We will then track your shipment so that it arrives at its destination on time.

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TransRex, provides you with fast, secure and efficient trucking services. Whether your cargo requires FTL(Full Truckload)or LTL (Less Than Truckload), TransRex through our network of reputable and reliable motor freight carriers will move your load efficiently and timely.

TransRex can accommodate time-sensitive delivery services. For many commercial customers, being able to send and receive freight quickly is essential to business operations and meeting critical deadlines. We offer;

  • FTL (Full Truck Load)
  • LTL (Less than Truck Load)
  • Temperature controlled services (Refrigerated & Heated)
  • Hazardous Materials (Hazmat)
  • Flatbeds
  • Time sensitive options, including Expedited & Team Drivers

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TransRex provides you with innovative solutions to your shipping and transportation needs throughout North America with its Intermodal service. Intermodal shipping is using the same steel-based container through two or more modes of transport such as train and a truck to transport cargo from point A to point B without having to change the container. It is fast, cost effective and safe as there is no handling during shifting between the modes of transport.

The features of Intermodal services are:

  • Consistent service
  • Door-to-door
  • Economical options & alternatives
  • Safe
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Regular transits to destination
  • Manage & control
  • LTL & FTL shipments
  • Hazmat & heated service

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Ocean Freight

TransRex offers a full array of freight forwarding and global transportation services. Whether your cargo requires a FCL or LCL, we can accommodate virtually any size shipment on either a 20 or 40 feet container. FCL involves shipping your cargo in a container (s) on an exclusive basis. The container will be undisturbed until you open it. If you need an LCL your cargo will be shared with other people. The volume is generally used to calculate the cost of sending cargo on a ship. TransRex facilitates the entire freight forwarding process according to your specifications as well as the shipping requirements of the export and import countries. TransRex can minimize your routing and transit time by managing your ocean shipment door-to-door. We will coordinate the process beginning to end.

  • FCL (Full Container Load)
  • LCL (Less than Container Load)

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Air Freight

When there is a shipping rush, airfreight (cargo) is the best form of transportation. At TransRex, our air cargo coverage provides worldwide airfreight services to major cities across North America as well as major overseas international destinations. TransRex monitors your airfreight shipments from point of pick-up to final destination. The cost of the shipment will be calculated by the weight of the cargo. Transrex will plan and coordinate between multiple carriers or destinations, ensuring that your cargo arrives on schedule and on budget.

Cargo handled can be either loose or on a pallet. No shipment is too small or too large. TransRex works with you in finding the right fit and solution for each of your requests.

The types of services provided are:

  • Door-to-Door delivery
  • Airport-to-Airport delivery
  • Door-to-Airport delivery
  • Airport-to-door delivery

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Warehousing and the storage of goods plays a vital role in the logistics supply chain. At Transrex, through our different partners, we will find an on-demand storage warehouse that fits your needs and provides a safe and secure storage of your goods.

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Special shipments


Hazmat is the abbreviated word for hazardous materials. Goods that are hazmat are any substance or material that is capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety and property when transported. That is why at Transrex, we call on only qualified hazmat compliance carriers to transport your cargo with the outmost care.

Temperature controlled

You need your goods shipped in which a measure of temperature is required to maintain the integrity of the product, Transrex through our relationship with qualified carriers provides this service. Also known as Reefer (refrigerated trucking), your product, such as perishable foods, pharmaceutical and paint (to name a few), will be transported in a temperature controlled environment. Your cargo will arrive at its destination in pristine condition.

White gloves

Transrex offers a white glove service, which consists at providing an elevated level of care and attention to detail to a specific shipment. This could mean that goods are unpackaged and as well (in some cases) a complete set-up. Because of the extra time and effort involved, white-glove service costs more than regular shipping. Whatever the product, Transrex through our qualified fleet of carriers will handle your sensitive shipment.


Transrex offers service for oversized loads. Regulations and restrictions are managed in Canada by each province and by each State in the U.S. Generally speaking the rule of thumb in both countries is that freight exceeding 75’ long, 8’.6” wide and 13’.6” tall is considered oversize.

In Canada, there is no set limits on gross weight. Each province has their own rules and regulations. If a load is deemed oversized, Transrex (in conjunction with the carrier) will obtain the required permits.

The U.S. has similar rules as Canada for the length, width and height of a load.. Any load over 80,000 lbs is considered oversize.

In conclusion, general dimension (total weight, length, width and height) will determine if a truck is considered oversize.

Photos courtesy of Brian Stalter (top banner), Caleb Ruiter (trucking), Elias E (ocean freight), Patrick Campanale (air freight) & Ruchindra Gunasekare (warehousing) from Unsplash