Transrex, located in the Greater Montreal area, and proud to be Canadian, is a company specializing in personalized freight brokerage services throughout Canada, the United States and the European Union.


Logistics operation services throughout North America and the European Union

With more than 24 years in business, our knowledge of the transport industry has given us the experience to work with pre-qualified carriers to secure loads and make sure your shipment gets from point A to point B hassle-free. Transrex will find the right carrier and track your cargo so that it arrives at its destination on time. Customer satisfaction is our first priority; we put your needs and interests first.

Transrex…your one stop shop for all your transportation needs.

Trucking FTL

(Full Truck Load)

Means the entire volume of the truck is dedicated to a single load. Shipping route is direct.

Trucking LTL

(Less Than Truck Load)

Freight that combines shipments from multiple customers in a single truck.



Moving goods in the same steel-based containers through two or more modes of transport.

Ocean freight

It is the method of transporting loads of goods by sea, putting cargo in large containers that are loaded onto vessels.

Air freight

When you need it yesterday, for small shipments either loose or on skids, air shipping is the solution.

Special shipment

Whether it’s for delicate shipments, hazardous materials, temperature controlled or a shipment that needs extra monitoring

Rate request

Do you have specific requests, questions regarding the transport of your goods, hesitations or simply need a rate since everything is ready to be picked up? Send us your request via our form and we will be happy to help you.

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Many thanks to all our loyal customers and carriers for sharing this journey with us.




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Photos courtesy of Robson Hatsukami Morgan (top banner), Caleb Ruiter (ftl), Elevate (ltl), name of photographer (intermodal), Elias E (ocean freight), Patrick Campanale (air freight) & Kevin Woblick (special shipment) from Unsplash