Bellow are but a few of the industries we services…

Food and Beverage:

A time-sensitive industry. Includes all the companies involved in transforming raw goods to consumer food products. The overall supply chain includes food processing, packaging and distribution. We understand the importance to maintain a company’s schedule as it relates to transport.

Consumer Packaged Goods:

One of the largest industries in North America. Consumer package goods (CPG) are items we all use on a day by day basis, such as cleaning products, clothes, cosmetics and pharmaceutical to name a few.

Durable Goods: 

This is an industry where the merchandise is not consumed or destroyed and is generally not replaced until the merchandise experiences a problem. Durable goods are typically characterized by long periods between successive purchases. Example of some durable goods (DG) are sporting goods, furniture, appliances and electronics.

Trade Shows Exhibits:

Attending a trade show provides a company visibility and credibility as well as establishing a presence in a specific market. It highlights what their business has to offer.

Exhibits are an integral part of trade shows. At Transrex, we have the expertise of handling the cargo of trade shows displays and exhibits. Along with our fleet of carriers, we handle all aspects of shipping the displays to a show (coordinating with the Marshalling Yard) and picking it up once the show has ended.

Manufacturing Products:

Raw materials such as plastic, rubber and textile are but a few examples of products, which can be transformed into finished goods.

Whatever the industry, Transrex through the fleet of qualified carriers will handle your shipment so that it arrives on budget and on time.

Photos courtesy of Hannes Egler (top banner) from Unsplash