What is a freight broker?

A freight broker arranges freight shipping between shipper and a consignee. There are many advantages in utilizing the services provided by a freight broker. It will feel like you have your own shipping department without having to spend money on invoices, audits and training as well as reducing investment in equipment, computer systems you may have to buy. Employing a freight broker allows clients to spend more time focusing on other areas of their business rather than searching for carriers.


Founded in March 1998 by Francois Gélinas, Transrex has recruited over the years a high level of employees. In 2001, Marie-Josée Piché joined the team and acquired the company in 2017 upon Mr. Gélinas retirement.

For over 24 years, Transrex in its capacity as a freight broker has provided first-rate service for businesses requiring cargo transportation. We have built a reputation of reliability due to our professional approach and our excellence in customer service. Our commitment is to provide dependable transportation service along with fair and competitive pricing.

Transrex is a private owned company and is located in the greater Montreal area.


Transrex has a civil responsibility insurance coverage of $5,000,000.00 CDN and $500,000.00 CDN for cargo insurance coverage. A copy of the insurance is available by clicking here.

Transport Authorities

Transrex is registered on the Transport Service Intermediaries in Quebec under # 4‑M‑30121i.

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